Realizing Pauli’s Vision: A Homeplace for Everyone

The next generation deserves to connect with Pauli’s courageous story.

Realizing Pauli’s Vision: A Homeplace for Everyone image


raised towards $20,000 goal




The next generation deserves to connect with Pauli’s courageous story.

Pauli Murray Center 2019: Growth. Impact. Inclusivity.

These words describe the 2019 year-in-review for the Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice. PMC welcomed new staff, enjoyed increasing visitation and social media traffic, and embarked on planning for future public programs.

We are encouraged in this work because we see—through the contributions of your time, talent and financial resources—that you, too, share Pauli’s vision of a world in which all are seen, valued and included. And you share our vision of a place that connects the world to Pauli’s courageous story of achievement, struggle, and activism.

Your contributions will directly support:

  • EDUCATION – Our staff will soon include an educator and more programs for learners of all ages. Our new public art exhibit on the lawn (photo right) introduces Pauli, her family, her impact and her homeplace. And its accessible 24-7-365.
  • ACTION – A powerful online presence is the best way to amplify our message. Many people believe that if it is not on the web, it simply does not exist. An interactive, accessible, and engaging new website and increased online capability is under development.
  • VISIBILITY – We are increasingly a key resource for information about Pauli Murray. We have been featured by WTVD Channel 11, in Durham Magazine, and several tourism agencies in just the last few months. Visibility increases donations: Our giving has increased 64% from 2018!
  • HISTORIC PRESERVATION – Active rehabilitation of our historic house will begin again in early 2020 with the assistance of renowned architect Patricia Harris. We will be upfitting the house for the 21th century while maintaining its 19th century significance.

Pauli's homeplace is the best place for young people to become inspired to make the world Pauli dreamed of and we all want to live in. Thank you for investing in Pauli’s vision and our work.

Pictured Above: Gabrielle Eitienne offering her food, the language of love and family for many communities, at the "Seed of Creativity Energy" event, September 2019. Photo by: Morgan Crutchfield