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HELP US HOLD On . . . We're Coming!

We were poised to restart renovations, busy planning future programs and feeling really hopeful about the Pauli Murray Center and then COVID19. We are challenged to recalibrate and rethink our work. The emotional rollercoaster brings good days when hope and motivation are high and hard days when we share the sadness, anger, disruption, and pain this virus has caused.

When Pauli was a small child, her Grandmother Cornelia planted a young orchard of plums, peaches, cherries and pears, prophesizing “I won’t be here when theses bear fruit, child, but they’re for your time.” We are inspired by grandmother to hold on to our hopes for the future too. Now is the time for planting seeds.

Our Goal is $75,000 for 2020! Can you help?

Join the effort to establish an impactful and welcoming Pauli Murray Center for History and Social Justice that will activate visitors of all ages to be inspired by Pauli's legacy stand up and speak out for peace, equity, and justice. Our world needs this now more than ever.

My hope for the Pauli Murray Center is that it will be a site of freedom, a place where people can come to find it, nurture it, embody it and equip themselves to offer the experience of it as best they can to whom even they can. I pray that it will be a place that elevates people and empowers them. That it will be a site of conscience, a launching pad for possibilities not yet conceived or imagine. I pray that it will be a place where joy and justice can be found. - Think Tank Participant

  • Planting seeds means investing in the next generation of Pauli Murray firebrand leaders—smart, motivated and determined activists who will demand a world that enables all ideas, amplifies many voices and honors everyone’s contributions.
  • Planting seeds means accepting the whole past in service to dismantling the discrimination Pauli Murray faced because of her race, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Planting seeds means following in Pauli's proud shoes by building winning strategies for investing in public education, ensuring rights for women, people of color and LGBTQ folk. Seeds are nurtured in community dialogues and invitations to action that address enduring inequities; and creative arts programming that bring history into conversation with contemporary human rights issues.

I wish for you to be a disruptive and transformative place that welcomes and supports communities to re-imagine and re-define the world we live in-- to help free us from connections that oppress us and divide us, and to help us believe in each other. - Think Tank Participant

A fully operational Pauli Murray Center will mean a fully rehabilitated and accessible historic home and education center and a robust calendar of workshops & gatherings, rigorous internship programs and engaging exhibits and tours that inspire learning and action.